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Faerie’s Message: Bound Wings

Posted in Uncategorized on December 25, 2016 by shatteredbutterfly


Release the wings behind you that lie tucked away
Collecting dust from neglect
They long to be outstretched
“let me out to play” they say

Discard your solemn perception
that you’ve outgrown
and awaken the light you’ve come to know

Explore the depths of trust in your heart
There are promises to be kept
and new paths to start

– Victoria Josephine 2016

Brought to you by The Faries Oracle: Brian Froud
Cards: Ta’Om the Poet; Mikle a Muckle; Nelys the Alcheyst and The Fee Lion


Graffiti Train

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Hand picked lilacs
settled briskly into a vase
positioned in the windowsill
as its aroma fills the room

Fresh dew drops from each petal
As I catch a bluejay gliding into the pine tree
which a mysterious fungus is growing too far unnoticed
From the corner of my eye

Off-white pastel seeds drift in front
of my windshield on the highway
a ride at a carnival makes me feel alive
being present in your body when death is too often on your mind

Fireworks spring over the Red River on the first of July
clouds waited until the evening to spill sunshine
Graffiti sprawled on a prairie train as cars wait in the July heat
the wheels squeal and scream, heavy rust built up from long travels through fluctuating climates
there’s certainly no need to turn my head left crossing a one way street

An old church stands reflected onto a downtown building plated with metal
the sidewalk is warped along it’s tall mirrored reflection
childrens laughter echoes throughout the suburban neighborhood from an open window

At 1:41 am
shades of cool is blasting on the car stereo
as emergency sirens pulsate
through us
Just this one time I won’t wear my seatbelt
That howling is haunting me

Driving down Pembina Hwy a yellow billboard creates a neon shadow
on wet concrete
green lights melt into puddles as you
drive me home

gliding over roadkill at the midnight hour
I won’t leave this show until the last song is played
And won’t get off this ride until it’s done


Central Heterochromia

Posted in Poem, poetry, Trust, Uncategorized with tags , , , , , , on December 26, 2014 by shatteredbutterfly

My perceptions
have all
been changed now

All my thoughts of you –
used to be light

but they’ve created
such a heavy
weight now

From floating
to sinking

and for the first time
in my mind
doubt has been raised
that someone
is not often
who they portray

I should have looked
two times

It turned out
the light glow
creating that misty haze
I had mistook
For light

Had been surrounding
a deep pit in the center

An all consuming

I’ve tentatively
walked up towards
your windows
and took a peak inside

What I’ve found is how
what lies behind
an exterior
is the corridor towards
a vastly divergent interior

Victoria Josephine 2014


Posted in Uncategorized with tags , , on November 5, 2014 by shatteredbutterfly

Drive out to the outskirts of the city, on a cold winters night, running down the highway. I stop and gleam into the midnight sky. A realization comes over me.
I’ve got an audience.

The milky way galaxy in all it’s splendour fills my eyesight and I am at loss for any words.
Whatever is troubling my heart at that moment, I’m immersed in a vast unknown and it captures my imagination. I see bright lights above me from a moment in time reaching me here and now. Caught in beauty and wonder.

Orion shot an arrow into my heart. His latest victim, I’m captivated in infatuation.

– Victoria Josephine

Connecting Stars

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“You look at me, it’s like you hit me with lightning” – Starry Eyed

When a deep connection is made through eye contact, the heart may beat rapidly. This may cause an electro-magnetic shock sending waves to the brain. A recognition is made. You are made real through an enlightened awareness. You are truly seen for the first time, and a spark lights within both souls.
It’s magnetic
Enveloped in a glow
Start Crossed Souls is about that connection. That cosmic event.
Tell me how it feels to fall in love and the depths of loss. Because this is a universal story, how the universe works through us all and let’s us understand ourselves.
So tell me, who or what is your passion? Past, present future, what you’ve seen, what you feel and what you desire to feel in the future. I wanna know.

Antithesis Of Perfect

Posted in Poem, Self Esteem, Uncategorized with tags , , , , , , , on June 19, 2014 by shatteredbutterfly

Carping sentiments cascade from you’re mouth might be reflected
From a tired mind, a heavy heart that’s been neglected
Your tiny lies piling up into a collection
As though you’re unaware to whom they’re being directed
With every bit of self doubt it’s not only yourself who’s become infected
No awareness of how an attitude so demonizing may be subjected

You say you’re more than qualified as the antithesis of perfect
Yet you fail at convincing me of you’re insignificance

You try to insist that I believe
that you must be nothing special
but if that were true there would be no way to achieve
an aura so magnetizing

Why, I must be misconceived, I must have become delusional
What possibilities are there to show you the light within you is provable

If a daisy could deflect it’s own simple charm
By measuring itself to rose or an orchid
It’s pointed out it’s own point of view has grown distorted

Stop fretting about the sun or the moon
being in the correct alignment
There are some things we may never change, like a a matter of our climate


Undecided Paths

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I sway from high & low
untouched heavens I long for, but needing to feel the dirt where spreading roots may grow
In the lightness of air there may be nothing below me to keep me grounded
Frightened of a universe unfounded
But this land has reached it’s search for grounds where no footprints hide
I keep looking back to see if something new will appear from behind