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Void In Your Eyes

Posted in Art, Love, Poem, Romance with tags on March 10, 2013 by shatteredbutterfly

So dark into a void, your eyes are like deep soil
Around my mind it coils
Planting thoughts into my mind
of you and me combined

There lies a mystery in
your coy and subtle grin
and when you laughed I felt
My heart begin to melt

Pure astonishment
If in the event
Your heart would decent
like mine went

To dream to be in your embrace
at last, face to face
my heart would rapidly pace
as you place your lips upon mine
stars above align
a feeling so divine


Star Crossed Souls

Posted in Love, Poem, Spirituality with tags , , , on March 8, 2013 by shatteredbutterfly


Star Crossed Souls

Separated since antiquity
What myth each holds on their own remains a mystery
An unwritten revelation placed within history

Beneath transparent cosmic waves lie in a slumber, lie asleep
A silent heart creates ripples emanating in the deep
Centuries pass, fates to collide at last
Two stars to be united, a burning flame ignited

When stars align to map out our constellation
Tied to a heart beat’s elation
Our paths will intertwine, they’re bound to in time

At a glance, I’m captivated
Like a drug, deeply sedated
Drowning, saturated

We are Hydrogen filled particles brought out of a stars vision
Remarkably extracted from the deepest incision
Formed within a sea of heavenly clouds collision

Through a hearts declaration of an undying dedication
A tale of our souls destination, from the mouth of an angel’s narration
Sung a ballad of an everlasting salvation

From a stars inception to it’s awaited demise
A chronicle of enchantment in it lies