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Dark Shadows,

Posted in Uncategorized on November 25, 2011 by shatteredbutterfly

There I was, in the outskirts of woodlands, far away from home. 
Surrounded by people, and all of a sudden, the sky grew black.
Lightning filled the entire sky, sending shockwaves down my spine

I stood there, in awe
I had a panoramic view of electric strikes across the midnight skies
I was terrified and started running in the dark

At last, I found shelter.
Walking up the stairs to the top bedroom, I gazed out the window.
No wonder this was the the owner’s favorite spot in the entire house.
The wolf of the woods came out from his hiding, stepping on fallen leaves from the trees
We made eye contact, and he started walking towards the house
I was far from home indeed 

A story from a dream. They are so vivid lately. 


The inner thoughts created the outer experience

Posted in Uncategorized on November 13, 2011 by shatteredbutterfly

So yesterday I was on a very funny website,, (which is no longer updated, which I am very choked about) and I was thinking as I read the stories on the bus, just random things that happen, I bet I could tell some funny stories. And the last thing on my mind about that was, “Yeah, bus drivers have sometimes used the microphone and said some funny things. Next time something like that happens I’m going to share it.”

Well, today as I was coming home from work, the bus driver did use his mic. Zombie Walk was also going on so maybe that riled him up? Or maybe Friday’s bring out the weirdo’s in winnipeg? not sure.

“Hey everyone! It’s Friday Night! Let your hair loose!”

Just the emotion in the air became lighter, as most people were chuckling to themselves, and some outright laughing. He definitely made my day.
Also has showed me an example of what you focus on, you ultimately create. Been happening more and more lately.