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I’ve been telling myself
next time
instead of plunging head first
I’ll take it slow

Step by step
keeping my heart
in line, in check

No more going out of bounds
pacing slowly, taking time
not crossing any lines

How do you not play games
without being outright
without putting all your cards on the stand

Not saying too many words
no appearance of eagerness
not revealing so much so soon

How much I want to
leap right in
for something to last
and not beginning a script
with an end in sight

Because the last time I took it slow
nothing ever happened

taking it slow
turns into
nothing at all

– Victoria Josephine 2014

Consequences of Desire

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An idea held within a skeletal like frame
Paints a picture like fine brush onto a blank canvas
Thoughts arise like a gust of wind whirling over open skies
Where small birds stretch their wings open wide
Passing by

Behold before you lies uncharted pasture of possibilities
Multiple paths left untouched, unexplored
Too deep the meadow drifts, too dire the consequences of desire

Sunken footprints are found inside the deep recesses of the pasture
Once a naive soul wandered too far in and lost their way
Captivated by longing

Wishes have since faded as they descended into the darkest well
Left echoing without a witness

Grasping hands cannot hold onto that which the heavy heart clings dear

Into the Background

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I used to have dreams were you were the lead role and they would have a lasting impact on my day. When my mind would wander, it attach itself to what it might feel like to be around you again. In waking life your aura had such a pulsing vibration, you would glide into rooms as though you were partly awake and half dreaming.

Now when you slip into my dreams , you are no longer a main character and you hide away into the background, playing the role of a stranger. Your face is not as vivid as it once was, and you have no real impression. I would mistake you for someone else but your hair gives it away

Take it as it comes

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♫ Take it easy baby, take it as it comes ♫

I thought i would do a small art update. A bad habit of mine is starting an art piece and not coming back to it until a few weeks, to a couple months later. So I most likely created this one month ago. (or 2)
The typography is sitting in a frame in my room, inspired by the song Giant by the Dave Matthews Band.

Lately all I’ve been listening to is the Doors.
How have I not come across this phenomenal band until now?
Life is some cruel joke to only discover the best bands in my early 20’s, no sooner.
I found out a few weeks ago one of my oldest sisters used to listen to The Doors in her teens, it was one of her favourite bands. I find it a mystery that now all she seems to listen to is Christian worship music and mainstream pop. She also doesn’t have blue hair anymore and shop only at Value Village. Now you can usually find her in brand name clothing. I also no longer have opted out of dying my  hair crazy colours, so I blend in more with the rest of society. Otherwise people know I’m a freak right away, this way I can move in slowly and take them by surprise.

I went to Festival Du Voyageur yesterday, a Winnipeg tradition. My and a couple friends saw some really sweet bands, and nothing beats the feeling of being right in front of the speakers and have the vibrations from the guitar and bass permeate your whole chest & body. To find a band that makes you let go and lose yourself in the music, that’s a gift.

IMG2506 IMG2522 IMG2507 IMG2508

All But Words

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it is all
but syllables and letters
rhetoric & noise
until you live and experience
true illusion destroyed
equilibrium hangs in waiting
A path no one can afford
Without letting go of
the block to hit the chord
the letters form words
falling upon deaf listeners
repeating mantra and song, but know not what toward
but the one’s who
truly understand
need no signs
nor commands
See, words they have no meaning
at least here in a sense
without finally knowing
the life they represent

~ Victoria Josephine 2014


Protection: an art update

Posted in Art on December 15, 2013 by shatteredbutterfly


I recently finished some artwork of the universal sign of protection which is the hamsa sign, which represents protection, blessings, power, and strength. (image has been altered for copyright reasons) I am making prints of this piece by a local print shop down the street and should have copies by Monday. On tumblr I came across this image a lot and thought it would be fun to make. I will post the copies for sale on my etsy shop hopefully within the week.

I am also having prints made of Captured Soul as well.

This year there has been filled with growth & realizations. I’m opening myself up to new opportunities and the universe is responding in ways that I couldn’t predict. I’m really excited for 2014 and I have big plans for new artwork! More animals, more flowers… more colour! I have a piece called, “the Rabbit’s dance” which I plan to finish soon. I also met someone yesterday who told me about an exciting business opportunity, and if things are successful it’s going to be big news! So I’m crossing my fingers & hoping for the best.

I just want to let whoever is reading this know, when you follow your passions and when your heart is in the right place, you are inviting the right things to manifest in your life into your life with open arms. 


Love’s Hostage (Glamour Me)

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Seb Janaik

– PART 1 –

A silent storm seen brewing deep in ominous clouds
Nefarious eyes seeking a hostage, almost found
by it’s maddening drive lies no limits
knows no bounds
relentlessly they hound

Artemis unleashed, legs draped over a crescent moon
she softly wields her weapon and hums a muted tune

Tilts her head slightly
while sharpingly
bow and arrow
it’s reflection as flames
gleaming from mirror moonlit glow
It’s target lies below

Through forest & through trees
above hills and tall grasses
an arrow encounters a pure heart
and falls to knee as it passes

A witch crouches down, places her hands into prayer
whispering haunting curses, binding her swears
and as it’s being chanted
a maddening drive gets planted

As they lay with a cold hand under a head slowly raised,
weary Eyes are aligned through a dense haze
glazed stare of a seer has been embed
waiting for the spell to thoroughly spread

A hand grips onto leverage as needle brisk air is inhaled
Dark Gods watch as her humanity goes pale

serenity fully drained, replaced with
A burning current running through her viens

This is part one in series inspired by heartbreak and longing, with some of the same themes presented in the show Vampire Diaries. Lovers understand what it’s like to be struck with cupid’s arrow, a feeling so intense that being around the person of the directed affection is painful. It’s a maddening drive, at times feeling like a curse. Falling in love is one thing, but as we will learn in this series the feelings aren’t mutual, and of malicious origins.

Tell me, how has your unrequited love fared?
Are you in love right now?
Have you felt the pain of having an uncontrollable attraction for someone?

Photo by Seb Janaik
Copyright (Shattered Butterfly) All rights reserved

Awaken your third eye

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IMG1756 IMG1762


I have one painting on my etsy, with a few more to come.
Check it out here!



Spring will come

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I’ve been working on quite a few poems, but they still need to be touched up, so I present you with some typography I whipped up last night! I’m going to vector it and add the last few words, “In Cosmos we Trust” Has a nice ring to it.

Here in Winnipeg, I truly feel time has frozen still and i will be perpetually winter. This winter has been so bitterly cold, it’s slowly suffocating my spirit. I wish I could go somewhere where the sun never sets and waves at my feet.

For the thrill, I saw Evil Dead twice this weekend. I never thought I would like a movie like that, but it was hilarious. I have a strong urge to go far into the woods now. There is something eery about being deep in the woods, I think that’s why most fairy tales are set there, something mysterious. The soundtrack is what I will play while I create some darker art, I’m thinking perhaps based on the Folk Lore, Little Red Riding Hood. I have some really old sketches somewhere I did of little red. I’ll post them when I find them. 

For now, I present you with some typography/Poetry I wrote. Sort of playing off the soul-mate theme. Instead of “In God We Trust” it will be “In Cosmos We Trust”.

Sweet dreams, and sleep well. Spring will come to me, however slow it might take.



Void In Your Eyes

Posted in Art, Love, Poem, Romance with tags on March 10, 2013 by shatteredbutterfly

So dark into a void, your eyes are like deep soil
Around my mind it coils
Planting thoughts into my mind
of you and me combined

There lies a mystery in
your coy and subtle grin
and when you laughed I felt
My heart begin to melt

Pure astonishment
If in the event
Your heart would decent
like mine went

To dream to be in your embrace
at last, face to face
my heart would rapidly pace
as you place your lips upon mine
stars above align
a feeling so divine