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Opium Wars 2

Posted in Uncategorized on June 25, 2012 by shatteredbutterfly

There, that’s better. Much more pleasing to the eyes, yes?


To Catch A Spark

Posted in Poem with tags on June 23, 2012 by shatteredbutterfly

To catch a spark, but they cannot be held
in a way that you can hold them in your hand
It flickers and will tease
and can slip away like sand

If each spark can light the whole
one by one it takes
Then we will find what has been lost
As each remembering soul awakes

This grid that holds us, hinders our awareness
must collapse and be shown for it’s true bareness

Roots will spread, into wilderness grow
Into deep, into void, enclosing the all
mysterious shadows swarm far below

Remembrance grasped, as the light is matched
It’s intimate hold
For too long untold

So is it going to take a little participation?
and if so, does this count

Envision what’s yet to manifest, still in dark
To create our own incarnation
A world free from limitation

To strive but then it slips

Posted in Poem with tags on June 15, 2012 by shatteredbutterfly

To Stive
but then it slips
Just when I thought I grasped it

Critical thoughts break loose 
within and without
I reduce

So why now, when I had thought to be striving
I’m straight back to perpetual diving
Universe, I’m barely surviving

Out of mouths
spout doubt
& fears I could do without

So is this what’s coming my way,
Some debt I’ve refused to pay?

won’t leave
until it’s collected
Flashing lights because they keep getting disconnected

Never see it coming
it’ll pass, it’ll leave
Replaced by something

Better or worse
couldn’t say

it’s unknown
tomorrow, today 

The Wandering Mind

Posted in Poem with tags on June 9, 2012 by shatteredbutterfly

The Wandering Mind
is always looking behind
the past becomes farther and farther

But the spirit of the present
Has nothing to resent
It builds as it climbs, it gets further

Creating it’s way, it begged the Wander to stay
But Wander, it wandered further

Until one day it heard a cave’s call
A promise of safety, glimmering walls
But Wander didn’t know there was no freedom at all

The call echoed into past, so present couldn’t hear it

Lost from time, the cave closed in
Kept wander within
Swimming in shadows
no end

Since present cannot look back
Wander got lost in the past

Don’t wander too far behind you
A dream will never grow there, will never find you