Antithesis Of Perfect

Carping sentiments cascade from you’re mouth might be reflected
From a tired mind, a heavy heart that’s been neglected
Your tiny lies piling up into a collection
As though you’re unaware to whom they’re being directed
With every bit of self doubt it’s not only yourself who’s become infected
No awareness of how an attitude so demonizing may be subjected

You say you’re more than qualified as the antithesis of perfect
Yet you fail at convincing me of you’re insignificance

You try to insist that I believe
that you must be nothing special
but if that were true there would be no way to achieve
an aura so magnetizing

Why, I must be misconceived, I must have become delusional
What possibilities are there to show you the light within you is provable

If a daisy could deflect it’s own simple charm
By measuring itself to rose or an orchid
It’s pointed out it’s own point of view has grown distorted

Stop fretting about the sun or the moon
being in the correct alignment
There are some things we may never change, like a a matter of our climate



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