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Take it as it comes

Posted in Art, Typograohy with tags , on February 23, 2014 by shatteredbutterfly

♫ Take it easy baby, take it as it comes ♫

I thought i would do a small art update. A bad habit of mine is starting an art piece and not coming back to it until a few weeks, to a couple months later. So I most likely created this one month ago. (or 2)
The typography is sitting in a frame in my room, inspired by the song Giant by the Dave Matthews Band.

Lately all I’ve been listening to is the Doors.
How have I not come across this phenomenal band until now?
Life is some cruel joke to only discover the best bands in my early 20’s, no sooner.
I found out a few weeks ago one of my oldest sisters used to listen to The Doors in her teens, it was one of her favourite bands. I find it a mystery that now all she seems to listen to is Christian worship music and mainstream pop. She also doesn’t have blue hair anymore and shop only at Value Village. Now you can usually find her in brand name clothing. I also no longer have opted out of dying my  hair crazy colours, so I blend in more with the rest of society. Otherwise people know I’m a freak right away, this way I can move in slowly and take them by surprise.

I went to Festival Du Voyageur yesterday, a Winnipeg tradition. My and a couple friends saw some really sweet bands, and nothing beats the feeling of being right in front of the speakers and have the vibrations from the guitar and bass permeate your whole chest & body. To find a band that makes you let go and lose yourself in the music, that’s a gift.

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Spring will come

Posted in Art, Poem, Romance, Typograohy with tags , , , , on April 8, 2013 by shatteredbutterfly

I’ve been working on quite a few poems, but they still need to be touched up, so I present you with some typography I whipped up last night! I’m going to vector it and add the last few words, “In Cosmos we Trust” Has a nice ring to it.

Here in Winnipeg, I truly feel time has frozen still and i will be perpetually winter. This winter has been so bitterly cold, it’s slowly suffocating my spirit. I wish I could go somewhere where the sun never sets and waves at my feet.

For the thrill, I saw Evil Dead twice this weekend. I never thought I would like a movie like that, but it was hilarious. I have a strong urge to go far into the woods now. There is something eery about being deep in the woods, I think that’s why most fairy tales are set there, something mysterious. The soundtrack is what I will play while I create some darker art, I’m thinking perhaps based on the Folk Lore, Little Red Riding Hood. I have some really old sketches somewhere I did of little red. I’ll post them when I find them. 

For now, I present you with some typography/Poetry I wrote. Sort of playing off the soul-mate theme. Instead of “In God We Trust” it will be “In Cosmos We Trust”.

Sweet dreams, and sleep well. Spring will come to me, however slow it might take.