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Wild Within

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Wild Within1


Now available on Society6! 

She’s wild within
Part angel, but the viel is thin
With an animal glare
Try to tame her if you dare



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I think the reason so many people put so much emphasis on Dec 21 is because it signifies an end to something. Before this there was y2k. There will always be a made up “dooms day, rapture, end of the world” day. We’re too afraid of an unknown, and putting a label on an unknown makes it more known. The fact is, it NEVER ends. You and i may die, but our family and friends go on and wonder where we went. They can’t say for certain and neither can we.

Sometimes I wish I knew, because it’s scary. We live in mystery every day of our lives and even in the afterlife and we like to spew out facts about the weather and our bodies declaring how much we know. Distractions. Its a maze, and we’re stuck here.

You’re trapped inside an unknown. You live in your body on this planet, and even if you don’t like that and leave us all you’re STILL not gone. But WHERE do you go? And how do you know?

Have you ever just stared at your hand? What about saying a word so many times it loses its meaning and sounds like a different language? The only reason you think you KNOW things is because you’re familiar with them. Everything started as an unknown.

I know love. I know hate. I know fear. I know that I’m here for a reason.

But what can I possibly know about the unknown?

Society 6 Prints!

Posted in Art on December 7, 2012 by shatteredbutterfly

Make sure to check out some of my art on Society6!
I will have an etsy account someday soon, selling the originals in frames once I can find some good ones and paint them. Right now the only frames I have are from the dollar store and not very good quality. 

Here’s my account!

If you have any suggestions for a drawing, let me know!

I plan on drawing lemurs in Santa hats for Christmas cards to friends and family, so I better get started on that.