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Lip Service Fee

Posted in Poem with tags , , , , on March 26, 2014 by shatteredbutterfly
The cost of lip service
Could result in
A rapid heartbeat
Dilated eyes
A willingness to trust
Words won’t be wearing a disguise

Be careful with what you want me to hear
Your words have an ability to steer
Emotions into an array of roulette
It’s only a degree of time
That buries you in debt

Lip service always comes at a fee
and it’s victims seem to believe it’s free



Posted in Poem with tags , on March 3, 2014 by shatteredbutterfly
Does a melody 
Ever become 
less beautiful
If you listen to it endlessly?

Do words
lose their meaning
after speaking them repeatedly?

Will my soul carry on
if nothing carries it
and these thoughts that burn inside
will they ever quit
Can suns shine throughout the galaxies
without a witness?
Does an alarm clock get jaded of counting minutes
Do clouds form arrangements of animals and scenes
for their own entertainment, never to know if they’ll be seen

Do trees grow to reach into heavens gates
and what could a rock understand about fate
Can we meet in dreams 
is anything what it seems
Do stars ever contemplate their demise
Do starfish ever wish they had eyes

Were guitars made from broken harps 
that angels threw away
If ideas are only concepts, could they possibly decay
can only an angel wear a halo
Does the earth ever fear it’s own volcanos
and are tsunamis really a swirl in the oceans cup of tea
Does a vortex exist with innumerable lost keys

See I ask myself questions
build upon contemplation
Does life lose it’s meaning
without observation

could the cosmos be diminished
with a firm grasp from God’s hand
With all these thoughts I’m waiting
Will I ever understand

– Victoria Josephine