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Drive out to the outskirts of the city, on a cold winters night, running down the highway. I stop and gleam into the midnight sky. A realization comes over me.
I’ve got an audience.

The milky way galaxy in all it’s splendour fills my eyesight and I am at loss for any words.
Whatever is troubling my heart at that moment, I’m immersed in a vast unknown and it captures my imagination. I see bright lights above me from a moment in time reaching me here and now. Caught in beauty and wonder.

Orion shot an arrow into my heart. His latest victim, I’m captivated in infatuation.

– Victoria Josephine

Connecting Stars

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“You look at me, it’s like you hit me with lightning” – Starry Eyed

When a deep connection is made through eye contact, the heart may beat rapidly. This may cause an electro-magnetic shock sending waves to the brain. A recognition is made. You are made real through an enlightened awareness. You are truly seen for the first time, and a spark lights within both souls.
It’s magnetic
Enveloped in a glow
Start Crossed Souls is about that connection. That cosmic event.
Tell me how it feels to fall in love and the depths of loss. Because this is a universal story, how the universe works through us all and let’s us understand ourselves.
So tell me, who or what is your passion? Past, present future, what you’ve seen, what you feel and what you desire to feel in the future. I wanna know.

Not Where I Make You Stay

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This terror creeps inside of my being
that one day you’ll be
soaring above, over head

I might snatch you up and imprison
your glass, frail walls

Creating a concave fist
with my eager hands

Not wanting to set loose
what I’ve captured
For it rarely passes by

With these
clutched fingers
secured tightly

the sheer force would cause
a crack in the glass
until it shatters

Causing you
to cease to exist
let alone
ever flourish

There’s just no way
I could let that ever happen

That delicate bird I call love
must pass on by

I cannot strive towards it
It must land softly
on my shoulder, whistling into my ear

Of how this is their favourite
place to be

Because you’ve made a decision
you belong
not where I make you stay

Inner Landscapes

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I liken to your presence
to a swift fall breeze
at dusk

My soul breathes it in
for oxygen

Just the touch of your fingertips
across my skin
is like simmering coals
only emitting warmth
the closer I become

Your dusty voice is like a cool breeze
sweeping it’s way around my neck
finding its way to my ears
creating echoes of sweet sentiments
lasting for days

Your eyes are like peering into a mirror
as I see a part of myself reflected in a small glance

Walking through a multitude of strangers
would have no lasting effect on me
I would become surrounded
yet untouched

I find peace in your inner landscapes
the hidden pastures
as I lye down in your meadows
staring at clouds of thought and ideas
pass over and fade into an open sky

Some would say
you’re like a warm summer breeze
but I would argue and compare
you more to an Autumn rain
contemplative and cool

Sometimes I wonder
if I could be completely wrong about it all

Yet your warmth is like the sun at noon
melting me from the inside


Change of Season

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Do not pretend
it hasn’t been there
all along

Hiding beneath
forced smiles
silent laughs
glancing in another direction
unable to face it head on

Is this really doing
anyone a favour

Is it because
we’re too proud
to admit to ourselves
of our loneliness

It wouldn’t be fair
to keep things as they are

It’s up to me
to gather these strings
and finally cut them loose

I wish you would stop fooling yourself

Because there’s much worse things
than being alone
and one of them
is lying to yourself

day after day

Is it naive of me
to let you go
when your love comes so effortlessly

I can’t keep
in and out of hearts
where I don’t belong

all it takes to discover
what is right
is finding out what is wrong

Oceans Inside

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I dream of being wrapped within
the oceans inside of you
To find comfort between
the shore and the wave
a force envelops my body into the undertow
My back pounds into the floor below
As adrenaline rushes through my veins
Close my eyes to the fear
As it rains
Clench my fingers into the wet sand
Knowing exactly where each ocean drop will land
And I know
You’re always in reach of my hands

Consequences of Desire

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An idea held within a skeletal like frame
Paints a picture like fine brush onto a blank canvas
Thoughts arise like a gust of wind whirling over open skies
Where small birds stretch their wings open wide
Passing by

Behold before you lies uncharted pasture of possibilities
Multiple paths left untouched, unexplored
Too deep the meadow drifts, too dire the consequences of desire

Sunken footprints are found inside the deep recesses of the pasture
Once a naive soul wandered too far in and lost their way
Captivated by longing

Wishes have since faded as they descended into the darkest well
Left echoing without a witness

Grasping hands cannot hold onto that which the heavy heart clings dear