A Dissolving Constant

Moments are fleeting
Slip by us like lightning
Contrived of small flashes of electrical pulses and waves
Witnessed only once and then fades

Moments continue
Like how the sunsets from yellow into
Hues that transform from soft pink to pastel violet
As clouds steadily change their figure on the horizon
The entire sky is bit by bit lightened
With it the sun disappears down a field of green
Warmth travels to touch your skin from its beams
As it passes through spaces between trees

Heartstrings fastened together
Will one day unwind and lose their grip
A trees’ branches cease reaching
As it’s roots encounter a limit

Footprints in the sand are
Washed away by the force of a wave
Collapsing in on itself as it forms a concave

Notice how your hand has dried
from when it was once immersed in the sea
As a rock slowly corrodes, loses form and becomes debris

The universe and every particle are set at a constant
An ever changing ocean of transformation
An uncatchable, elusive barrage

Arising and dissolving
Spinning and revolving

Life’s preciousness in only found in it’s fleeting nature
The surge of adrenaline present in the face of danger

Can wholeness and completion be realized
in the fragmented moments I can only stitch together
and weave apart

Does boundlessness reside someplace uninhibited
A concept destroyed by my perception so limited
A place where voices echo to the edges of the universe which spill onto it’s sides
So vast where no thing could conceivably collide

Permanence is revealed to be
An illusion no longer concealed by materiality
Seemingly opposites await in flux until

equilibrium is perpetuated by a made up finality
Seasons change and so have I
Death runs a circle and finds it’s other half as alive

Sheer smoke hangs  atop of a still lake
Mist encompassing mountaintops will soon too dissipate

Each deceased creature will turn to ash from where it originates


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