A sub-conscience mind streams
thoughts arbitrarily
Like the aftermath of an earthquake
through a library

A tongue
whose grip
is loose on vocabulary

A personality which has lost touch
with self
like hundreds of books cascading off shelves

Thin pages extended on the floor are scattered
where illegible sentences gather

Drifting through this Mundane state of being
Weird & dull are now commonplace in my dreaming

Sanity unfastened
Clouded in a this haze of static
Easily distracted

Ambition’s diminishing
Sentences started with no intention of finishing

Loneliness may be solitaire
If there’s a solution it’s unaware

This mind cannot separate
Circular from linear
Ascending apart from inferior
What lies inside or is exterior

Herded around aimlessly by delta waves
Solaced by confusion & detached delusions
Clarity ever so unavailable with self certainty being unattainable

To have one ounce of faith in myself
Lately, I’m simply incapable

Victoria Josephine 2014


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