Star Crossed Souls


Star Crossed Souls

Separated since antiquity
What myth each holds on their own remains a mystery
An unwritten revelation placed within history

Beneath transparent cosmic waves lie in a slumber, lie asleep
A silent heart creates ripples emanating in the deep
Centuries pass, fates to collide at last
Two stars to be united, a burning flame ignited

When stars align to map out our constellation
Tied to a heart beat’s elation
Our paths will intertwine, they’re bound to in time

At a glance, I’m captivated
Like a drug, deeply sedated
Drowning, saturated

We are Hydrogen filled particles brought out of a stars vision
Remarkably extracted from the deepest incision
Formed within a sea of heavenly clouds collision

Through a hearts declaration of an undying dedication
A tale of our souls destination, from the mouth of an angel’s narration
Sung a ballad of an everlasting salvation

From a stars inception to it’s awaited demise
A chronicle of enchantment in it lies




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