Free the Nutters!

I don’t think Nassim Haramein is actually crazy. I’ve watched his 7 hour long video on youtube and loved it. Didn’t understand some of it, but it was greatly entertaining. I started to side-eye him when he appeared in the film, “Thrive”. But honestly, I haven’t donated to his renaissance project, so why should I care? And a better question, what the fuck does his project DO?

Did that answer my question? umm, no. It sounds good and all but I’m still waiting to see a some grand machine or something  from his lab. None the less, he has quite the sense of humour and find his ideas intriguing and fascinating. If anything, he has really inspired the art I make with new ideas and visions. 

Read the article here.

 And now for a first posting of some art I made, finally turing it digital, soon to be colour. Mandalas are my current obsession. I plan to combine butterflies and eyes to them as well, as my sketches progress. Maybe even combing my other obsession with deer. I will have a mandala pattern be the background to this blog, so tune in 🙂

Shining Sunflower
(black & white draft)


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