Made with…100% Whole Grain Bunk

Today is a very big milestone, and a sign of change. After months of TRYING and not actually DOING, I’ve finally given up all grains & gluten. I say months, because I thought it was okay to have a cracker here, and a beer there, thinking it wouldn’t do any harm. After one month, the changes I’ve noticed are:

– Weight loss (7 pounds so far)
– Almost zero menstrual cramps (I’m really surprised by this)
– Clearer mind/thinking

Some have said their depression has resided. Well, I’m still waiting for that one! But so far, I am feeling better than I have. I’ve found after the cravings go away (give or take 2 weeks) I can be surrounded by carrot cake and puffed wheat squares yet not crave them. I have also been taking iodine and raw thyroid pills for a couple months now. I think this may also be helping with weight loss. I know for certain the weight loss has nothing to do with exercise, because I’ve abandoned pilates for the past month. Except for riding my bike to work (a total of 20 min a day) I don’t get toooo much exercise. Maybe not enough even. That’s a different story though, we’re not here for that.

So is cutting out wheat from the diet another fad? Not for me. After experiencing the effects first hand, there is no looking back. And after reading, “Wheat Belly” there is too much data suggesting just how harmful they can be.
If you want to know more, listen to this podcast (approx 1 hr 30 min long) >>

Wheat is Murder
(talks about the genetic mutation of wheat, specifically short stalk dwarf wheat. Talk of how if you are more conspiracy minded, it’s actually the perfect food to spread disease and make people gain weight. Listen if you can’t borrow the book or buy it. It as a lot of the information the book has plus another person questioning and providing his own experience)

Something I really enjoy about the Wheat Belly book is there is ongoing discussion and testimonials at the wesbite. Seriously, this website is great because you’re getting everyone’s stories and tips, sometimes recipes.

And if you want more, there’s a this podcast on Underground Wellness with  Dr. Thomas O’Bryan that you should check out!

Hey you! out there, the one who begged me to give up grains. Guess what? I finally listened. You know, sometimes I really need to listen to advice that is heartfelt. It can be difficult figuring out who you can trust. And then I always hear the true, but so cliche, “Follow your heart”
Well what the fuck does that even mean, when it’s repeated like a slogan.
What if my heart is treading in murky water, still going but can’t see clearly?
And what if my heart is nestled tightly with the mindset of collectivized mantra’s?
Such as, “to be healthy, just look at the food pyramid the government made for us.” When the multi-national corporations actually own part of your own government, the water does indeed become murky. Sometimes I even question what I really know about Flouride. How would I know the effects, unless it’s subtracted from my consumption?
See, I wouldn’t, so almost all knowledge I get from videos & writing is second hand.
But with this, I know for a fact I feel… better. lighter. I wonder how much Monsanto makes in the wheat business. You know, the city I live in has a 12 Million dollar Monsanto facility. Our city statue is even holding grains. Well, okay a torch as well, symbolizing illumination, but I live in the middle of somewhere that proudly grows grains. As well as having a wicked pagan temple built in the middle of it, with an 8 pointed star that upon standing on it, your voice echoes around when you speak from the center.

Oh yeah, so I’m not drinking beer anymore, so the alcohol of choice is gin. Tastes like christmas. and pine needles. and FIRE! yeaaahhhh. You’re probably wondering if I’m loaded right now. No. I am not. But I am having just a few drinks and listening to the Movie Soundtrack of Snow White & The Huntsmen. Classical, delicate… beautiful.
Plato said, that the key concepts lay in the good, the true and the beautiful.
what is our culture compared to those ideals?
In the words of Terence McKenna, our culture is “preposterous, earth murdering, sexist, consumerist, shallow, trivial, inane, insane and dangerous.”

Exactly. so void of creativity. Creativity only happens when you express impulsively, truthfully, beautifully. And I think what this culture does, at least in my experience, is set the standard to what is normal… accepted. I read about a certain tribe in the amazon that their land is now a popular tourist destination, for it’s large waterfall. Before then, the myth was that it was enchanted, to never go there, mer-people would capture you and take you in. But the waterfall had magic. Now, that magic is replaced by prosperity and gaining in material wealth. The pixie dust has faded away as they go and see the waterfall, void of mermaids and men. The “real” world has encompassed them in.

This what our culture is doing. Destroying real magick and enchantment, replacing it with technology and a vision of utopian materialistic ideal. But that all fades away. The real splender happens unknowingly. The magic and fantasy I’ve been shown in my culture only lives in movies, something separate from me, or in a book that has been edited more times than a drunks screenplay. But there is real magic, and our culture places them in books, in deep doors in our own mind, convincing us all there’s nothing to search for, because it has all the answers. These are the rules. You can dream but don’t believe it’s real. Real dreaming has been replaced by success in material gain. Do we ever think that the bird makes it’s own home out of sticks and dirt? Yet, it is beautiful because it was built by it’s own nature.

When I draw, I create that world. And it’s real, because it’s real to me, I can see it. So ironic ego-centric pop stars are real in some sense, but are they real to you? To me… it is like some 8 eyed alien starved for attention, denying what it really is. which isn’t bad, just different. I feel like an alien quite a lot, haha. Even socially awkward at times. Things sound perfect in my mind, yet when I’m with people in public, or at work… what do I say? See, I have so much to say on here because this is the great tunnel of cyberspace. Where all ideas, no matter how crazy they are, exist simultaneously, being proclaimed for whoever seeks or listens.

I will leave my rambling with something I stumbled on, listening intently to one of the best talks on the internet, “Dreaming awake” by Terence McKenna:

“What culture provides, is a bunch of rules so you don’t have to think, and a bunch of myths so you don’t have to think, again. Culture has all the answers. Wanna know where people came from? Well, when the sky god got out of his canoe at first waterfall and took a leak, then we the true people appeared like ants. And we’ve been living here ever since. Oh well gee, I’m glad I asked. This is what culture does for you.

Now technology throws a curve, and the curve is we live so long, that we figure out what a scam this is. We figure out that what you’re supposed to work for is not worth having,  our politicians are buffoons, professional scientists are reputation building grab tailing weasels, we discover all organizations are corrupted by ambition. Well then as intellectuals, and anyone who figures it out is an intellectual, believe me, because they’re slinging the programming to push you the other way. SO intellectuals figure out you are alienated. That’s what figuring it out means, means you understand that the BMW, the Harvard degree, this is all baloney it’s all manipulated and hyped and mostly you have a bunch of clueless people figuring out which fork they should use. But this position is presented as alienation and therefore somehow tinged with the potential for pathology, “it’s a bad thing to be alienated”

She has a digital twin… to be posted when it’s finished xox 


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