The Wandering Mind

The Wandering Mind
is always looking behind
the past becomes farther and farther

But the spirit of the present
Has nothing to resent
It builds as it climbs, it gets further

Creating it’s way, it begged the Wander to stay
But Wander, it wandered further

Until one day it heard a cave’s call
A promise of safety, glimmering walls
But Wander didn’t know there was no freedom at all

The call echoed into past, so present couldn’t hear it

Lost from time, the cave closed in
Kept wander within
Swimming in shadows
no end

Since present cannot look back
Wander got lost in the past

Don’t wander too far behind you
A dream will never grow there, will never find you


2 Responses to “The Wandering Mind”

  1. doesitreallymatter Says:

    That’s a really good poem.
    The Wandering Mind (capitalized, even! as in an abstract term) is the personality. It’s the person – it will kill us all unless we let it dissolve and take the energy back; allow it back into our system, pray to nature, as in specifically, begging to be taken back into her/ or her arms (whatever feeling/visuals works best). To be dissolved into her, cause the ‘me’ is going to kill us otherwise.

    I leave this comment as anonymous and we’ll do a show together. It seems people are getting lost/disillusioned/not satisfied on all that celtic anal crap. They need some solutions and celtic needs to be prodded a bit. He’s starting to sound like a broken record a few shows back (or more on and off). And Kyle’s all about the personality, ‘I’m Kyle!’ – no one gives a crap who you are – it’s the spirit that counts, the now, the substance and self-proving validity of the information when we (the listeners, participants) feel it out. How does it feel? Not how does it think… the thinking takes care of itself if we get the feelings sorted.

    This isn’t grand-standing to say ‘I’m better’ because ‘Who is I?’. All these people can benefit, all these radio hosts and people with a voice, when they get away from the ‘Wandering Mind’ and get back on point. Return their focus to the now. To listening to the soft, subtle wind of nature, lest the body be shocked when it finds out how far it has deviated (adulterated itself, even to physical death).

    We will have a conversation, shabut :), and shock the hell out of listener-participants, in a kind and gentle way.

  2. Thanks for the response and sharing your own interpretation. This poem is whatever it means to you, but yes, my own meaning falls into the category of an uncontrollable mind, how it can’t focus, and can be the death of you. The ego with a broken leash so to say.

    Spirit is all that counts and I’m not one to judge someone else’s work. The spirit is there, I take what I need and throw the rest away.

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