Simulated Realities: The Saviour Complex in the Media Mind

This post inspired by this radio show with Thomas Sheridan, and this blog post by Alex Robinson:

Both have something in common, the revelation of how much we have become de-humanized & played. This is a war really, a war against humanity. Yet, no one has informed us of this war, and if we’re not careful we’ll consent to it blindly. (if we haven’t already)

Some points I got from Thomas Sheridan:
– If we merge with machine, and are no longer fully human, what happens to our human rights?
– Breast implants are a form of transhumanism

Sheridan says that this de-humanization. It is also transhumanism, because you could have a real woman!

Along the lines of breast augmentation & dehumanization, there is a movement that likes to hire models and actresses to represent them. While advocating animals rights, they also glorify and promote dehumanization. Their name is Peta, People for the Ethical treatment of animals. It’s not that I have anything against what they’re trying to achieve, which would be protecting animals against animal testing, or entertainment purposes. Peta’s demonstrations are dehumanizing and extreme, and also use tactics such as cognitive dissonance.

After seeing the documentary, “The Cove” I promised myself I wouldn’t go to an Aquarium again (or zoo) Even though I might enjoy seeing those animals and marine life in person, I understand that that setting is very unnatural, and they belong in the wild. I have yet to make other steps, like go vegetarian or throw away make-up that promotes animal testing. So while this post may point out Peta’s hypocrisy, mind you, I also have a long way to go myself.

A good example of transhumanism (breast implants) and dehumanization. Is that ad above for soft core porn, or for going vegetarian? It’s sending the message that Pamela is just a piece of meat, and most of all, just an animal. 

So torture to animals is not alright, but when it comes to demeaning human sexuality, it is? Those two ads on the top right promote unhealthy sexual deviance. Whips & chains = torture and pain. Pseudo Occult media also reference’s Dita Von Teese here  (nsfw)

So what we actually have here is promotion of dehumanization by Peta & the music industry. Below is a Lady Gaga photoshoot with a metropolis/transhumanist theme. To me, it symbolises the death of human dignity and spirit, and the rise of something archonic.

Our culture is obsessed with perfection. For woman especially, the message we get is, “You’re just a piece of flesh, you have nothing more to offer than your looks” Where does this desire for absolute perfection come from? I would have to say part of it comes from religion. For thousands of years the Saviour mindset has infected humanity. We were born into Original Sin, the saying goes. That means no matter what we do, we will never be good enough.

The message is that we need a saviour outside of ourselves to bring us to redemption. In our modern day cult-ure, our image is how we are redeemed to perfection once more. Going a step further, the message is that we’re not allowed to have flaws, that we should strive to be something other than human. Humanity is flawed, and that is not acceptable. Does the picture below give you a good idea of how warped this message is? This mind parasite turns imperfect natural beauties into a plastic frame, whose inner worth has been diminished to it’s outside appearance.

Some closing words:

“The most important thing is to stop and take a break from the bullshit that’s bombarding us. they want us 24 hours bombarded. When you have time to pause, you have time to think, when you have time to think, you have time to create.” – Thomas Sheridan

“Transhumanism is basically dehumanizing humans to the point where they’re just robots, basically following software instructions. and that’s already happening. That is the real transhumanism that’s happening around us.” – Celtic Rebel 


4 Responses to “Simulated Realities: The Saviour Complex in the Media Mind”

  1. TheBudBuster Says:

    Interesting blog. The female form is supposed to be alluring and enticing for men or else we wouldn’t want to reproduce with it. I think the subject here is freedom from mind control and manipulation. Their is a war on against you mind. Making you hate for no reason what so ever. The man terrance mckenna made trans-humanism to be an idea where men or woman would transcend the need for each otehrs spirit by utilizing machines and therefore becoming machine men with machine minds. Androgyny and the melding of the sexes is producing an effect on humankind where we are subjected to the ideologies of farming and industrial farming techniques, leaving nations drooling at the slip of a tit, obscuring the reality of the female form. What i find strange is why cows feed their young cow milk and we feed our young cow milk. Is the milk a mother produces not good enough for her children

  2. Terrific post however I was wondering if you could write a litte more on this subject?

    I’d be very grateful if you could elaborate a little bit more.
    Many thanks!

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