Simulated Realities

So I happened to come across Nicki Minaj’s latest video with David Guetta, “Turn Me On”. I thought this would be a good first post for the concept of Transhumanism.

Trans is a Latin noun or prefix, meaning “across”, “beyond” or “on the opposite side”. 

But, Transhumanism is NOT going beyond humanity. The people that put forth this agenda don’t even know what being human is. I would relate the word to the other meaning, the opposite side of human, without soul, without love, just a machine.

(A topic I am really interested in right now is the Gnostic concept/mythology of the archons. I will try to tie together the transhuman agenda with the archons as best as I can)

There are many great articles/blogs out there on this subject. One of my favorites from a while back is this one:
Imma Bee The Future: Selling Transhumanism to the Masses Using Psychological Warfare

If you want a deeper understanding on the topic, check it out, I have no intention on re-writing LVB’s words, and they do a great job of explaining it.

All I do is connect dots that I see in the entertainment industry.

Back to the song:
So here are some of the lyrics

My body needs a hero
Come and save me
Something tells me you know how to save me
I’ve been feeling real low
Oh, I need you to come and rescue me 

You’ve got my life in the palm of your hands
Come and save me now
I know you can, I know you can

Now, I know this song is directed at “a boy” but taking it in context with the video, what I’m reading is that the human body (genome) needs to be improved upon, and even saved. We are helpless without genetic modification, weak even. That’s what the transhumanists want you to believe, that humanity is something to be improved upon by artificial means, and turned into a robot. That is the lie.

Music Video Summary:
In the music video, David Guetta is like the mad scientist, making Nicki Minaj, the robot. This could also be a metaphor for her music career, saying how she is an artificial creation like most other Pop singers. It seemed like she was already alive from the beginning however, and he was just building a machine for her “spirit” Unlike the machine he is working on in the last scenes, Nicki was active from the beginning. At the end of the video, 3 female robots captured David, turn him into a robot and giving the robot on the operating table life. 

By the look on his face, it seems he’s okay with giving up his humanity for the robot. That creepy smile on his face is how I think the eugenicists think: They’ll be happy once they are human no more. 

Even though the music video just came out, they also performed this song at the 2011 American Music Awards, along with Super Bass.

Oh yeah, Rihanna did the exact same thing… in 2010

Many other singers have this theme in their music such as Kenye West, Katy Perry, Christina Aguilera & The Black Eyed Peas.

Again, the message is, we can be physically improved through combining our bodies with technology, and in some cases, giving up our humanity to become a machine. This topic also is related to our society’s ever increasing obsession with the way we look and want to be perceived by other people. Make-up, clothes, surgery, tattoos, piercing’s and other forms of body modification infest our minds daily by the media. In extreme cases, taking over all thought and action, until all your energy is devoted to outside perception of how you want others to see yourself.

A good article on make-up:
Making Up Our Suffering

Sidenote: When I first saw the “Born This Way” cover, I immediately observed the not-so-subtle transhumanist message. But now learning more about John Lash’s interpretation of the archons, he describes them as being inorganic, robotic like beings, who were created before our own galaxy. So, in a sense, the archons were “born that way.”

John Lash:

“Transhumanism, the claim that we can merge with inorganic artificial intelligence, merge with computer, that we should be chipped, this whole madness is totally archonic. It’s the sign that the human race is being influenced away from our divine potential.

The archons are meddling, and screwing and fucking with our minds. They’re mind parasites. The gnostics used a specific word to describe how the archons operate. The signature of the archons is “hal” this is a coptic word, and what it means is simulation, copying, you could even say it means virtual reality.

Everything is archontic which would give you a false substitute which you can have for real. That’s archontic. An example is Genetically Modified food, because you can have real organic food.”

While a lot of the symbolism may be literal, I have to point out that MOST is metaphoric. I personally don’t think a world where human beings become literal robots is realistic or sustainable… or something that TPTB are actually trying to move towards. It is entirely possible for someone to lose they’re humanity while still occupying a human body. Just turn on reality television, and you’ll see what I’m talking about. Or if you’re really brave, go to a dance club, and watch as the crowd screams in unison to their favorite dance song. It’s a scary thing.

The problem is that our psychosis is so wide spread, it’s become normalized. We begin to believe it’s ok to treat each other like DIRT, the survival of the fittest. NO. That concept was implemented by the elite so they could JUSTIFY their treatment to us, and in repeating their actions onto others, we DAMN OURSELVES.

That concludes the end of this post. Remember, you are not a robot!


6 Responses to “Simulated Realities”

  1. Great post. A very useful contribution to the subject.

  2. Hi Vicky, thanks for linking to my makeup article. You bring up such great points about the dehumanization that society glorifies. It has been going on for quite awhile, but I am continually amazed at how much it is rubbed in our faces. I’ve read a few articles on transhumanism, but I think you hit the nail on the head as far as it not being a literal agenda to turn everybody into robots. Love where you talk about how it is possible to not be human, while still occupying a human body. I think that seeing this out in public is the agenda playing out exactly as it was intended. Nice work.

    • No problem, I have a love/hate relationship with make-up. I like to really have fun with it once in a while, but lately am trying to keep in minimal and natural. Over time I will switch everything to organic (saying I know there’s nasty chemicals in my mascara is different than actually throwing it away haha)

      and I know it’s not good when I feel better about myself if I’m wearing make-up. I should be confident without it, but it’s just something that might take some time.

      A question I like to ask myself (and I don’t quite have the answer yet) is what does being human really mean? What does it look like?

      John Lash says that beauty is goodness. Sickness is not beautiful, but a whole, complete person is. I don’t need to wear a mask(literally or metaphorically) or to present myself in a certain image, or anything outside of myself to make me complete.

      It’s taking a while to publish the follow up to this, this road is not pretty.

  3. This is a very good article and I really appreciate you giving the link to my Transhumanism article. 🙂

    I think you are correct that the mental conditioning is a big part of all this, and I believe it is the first part of their agenda – to dehumanize, desensitize and dumb down people as much as possible, as the precursor to the next phase, which will be the actual techological “enhancements” to the physical body. Change their minds first…then you can do whatever you want to with their meat machines.

    “Chipping” humans is not far fetched or an exagerration of what the ruling elite want. It is already possible, it’s simply a question of time – the amount of time that remains until they feel like enough people are primed and ready to accept it – and that time is probably much nearer than we would hope.

    I think that, sadly, many people are so unaware and vulnerable to the subconscious mass media influence that is targeted at them, that they will not only grudgingly accept these kind of radical changes – and what could be more radical than implanting a chip into your body/brain?

    But, because of the pre-planned, ongoing PR efforts they have been exposed to, they will eventually gladly welcome and love (or at least think they love) these great “improvements” to their lives. By the time they realize they have been deceived, it will be too late – as it usually is.

    I know personally from recent conversations with younger people (say 30 and under) that most already see no reason for cash, given the convenience of debit cards, paypal and etc. So, Step 1 is already accepted, and the next step is simply moving the chip in that dumb plastic card that you have to carry around into a chip that is somehow embedded it into your flesh.

    Obviously, debit cards and online banking etc are great and very convenient – but not if and when that becomes our ONLY option – then it is nothing more than a way to track and control everyone and all of their financial lives. You can kiss your privacy and freedom goodbye when that day comes.

    The same is true with healthcare information – what a pain it is to have to get your records and stuff – why not just have them all stored in a nice chip, right there in the convenience of your body?

    Take care, and keep up the good work. 🙂

    • Thank you for the very thoughtful comment. I remember when I first read your article, I started to see everything in a whole different light. Much more on this to come in the future.

  4. Up in these parts of Canada, we call ’em ‘Tranny-kopps’. ala transitioning chompers, transexual coppers, T/K-vistockers , transhuman kykebags or what not. Sex with robots or with robot-help is just really hot right now, according to empTV and the medes. T/Ks often cover an eye with technology while wearing the most supportive arch-support available. they won’t even blink at the botched castration victim on their plates. their minds may never wonder away from what the screen or the dubstep says. They love boxes. T/K doesn’t mean they’re mentally or physically a cyborg, only that they’re heading in those directions. 🙂 LOL yup

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