The Cosmic Convergence of Dualities

Crash into me at full speed
We can collide

Yesterday I was working at the mall, a rare occasion where we try to get face to face contact with potential clients. Me and my co-worker were sitting, Let’s call her C, and I noticed she was in a dramatically different mood than the day before.

I look at her and say,
“Are you okay, C? What’s wrong?”
C – (blank stare)
“Is it what we talked about yesterday?”
C “Why does life have to be so hard?”

She looked like she was about to cry.
I replied, ” I think it’s to challenge us. If life wasn’t hard, maybe it wouldn’t be worth it”

C – “You think so?”

Well, yes I do think so. Life is never easy, no matter what path you’re on.
Because it comes down to this. We are all human, and we all feel. We become vulnerable at times, especially when it comes to relationships, which is what this life is largely about.
Is it any coincidence that I had a hard time with my family that night?

So much to the point where I wonder if it’s worth it…. just …. living.
It’s not easy when you have a whole group of people telling you how you should live, telling you to make more money… have different beliefs even.

Every time I feel I’m finding my way, I hit the stone cold floor of this reality I just don’t know how to manage getting up again. And I don’t think my family will ever understand where I’m coming from.

I’m trying to stay positive. There is a new person in my life who never ceases to make me smile. They are so upbeat it’s contagious. And I think they understand me, at least a little bit. I’m obviously not going to go into conspiracies with him, because it might scare him away. No, that’s what I’m into, and I think even I should take a break from a lot of it.

So I’m going to keep my chin up. Yes, C, life is what it is, but it’s up to us to decide what kind of attitude we’re going to have toward it. And it’s not easy for me when there are many things in my life to have me dragged down, but I’ll try my best.

Shattered Butterfly xoxo


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